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Why  choose us for Milling tools?

When clients come to Castle Carbide they know that they’re dealing with a family firm that has decade’s worth of experience to call on.This is particularly reassuring when you need to source the right milling tools for your requirements. Our experience in a range of sectors and the sheer breadth of brands which we supply mean that we’re certain to be able to find exactly what you need.

We can provide mini solid carbide with a diameter of 0.1 mm all the way up to face mills with 315 mm diameter. The milling tools we provide come in a range of sizes and forms meaning that you can put together a system which is exactly tailored for your requirements.

Talk to our experts and they’ll point you in the direction of the right face milling tool for dealing with materials such as cast iron, aluminium, steel and exotic alloys. We’ll advise as to the tools and grades to compliment the cutters.


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Every type of milling cutter, be it HSS, Cobalt, Solid Carbide and Indexable Style milling cutters can be purchased from Castle Carbide.

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More Information

The milling solutions we provide include:

All aspects of milling from the smallest solid carbide to the largest face mill including plunging, shoulder milling, ball nosed indexable cutters all the way through to the latest technology of high-performance high feed cutters.

Feed mills and high feed cutters are intended for roughing operations in different industry sectors such as aerospace, die and mold and general engineering.

Our Team here at Castle Carbide would suggest this solution for high efficiency in roughing applications and an economical solution with excellent chip evacuation.