Excellent Swarf Evacuation 

Tool Stability

High Performance


Why  choose us for Parting products?

Whatever the material, component size, accuracy required or surface finish, Castle Carbide have a parting solution to suit your requirements

This is one of the last operations completed when manufacturing a component. In theory parting is a simple operation but it requires close attention to detail for it to be effective.


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What are Parting Tools?

They are tools used on a lathe for cutting off the workpiece from the main billet.

Why do people use Angled Inserts?

Steeper angles are used as they leave less of a pip or burr on the part but you may have to reduce the feed rate to secure the edge.

What are Parting Off Inserts held in?

The inserts themselves can be held in various holders from the integral shank style which gives a set diameter to the blade and block type which can be adjusted to give optimum support.

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