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Why choose us for Turning products?

We understand business as much as we understand the world of cutting tools, and we know that a matter of seconds saved on each component can soon add up to a huge difference between you and your competition. Work with us to source the turning tools you need and you’ll find yourself on the right side of that divide.

Effective turning is about two things. Initially it is about the quality of the individual work piece. In addition to this, it involves delivering that quality in the most efficient manner possible.

Turning involves using insert geometries that lower the cutting forces creating smaller loads to ensure better tool life, higher stability and the ability to use larger depths of cut and higher feed rates.


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Turning is used to produce rotational, typically axis-symmetric parts that may have many different features. The cutting tool feeds into a rotating workpiece and cuts away material in the form of small chips to create the desired shape.

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More Information

We provide turning tools capable of handling the widest possible range of jobs, and these include:

Internal Turning

Internal turning is often blighted by issues such as chips which are difficult to evacuate or overhangs which are too long. We’ll help you to combat problems such as these, and anything else which is impacting on the quality of your turning, by providing products such as high pressure coolant and dampened boring bars. Talk to a member of our team about the issues you face and the solutions you want and we’ll put together the perfect package.

External Turning

We can provide inserts and tool holders which make it possible to achieve optimum performance no matter what the task at hand is. Whether you’re looking for tools capable of delivering an increased metal removal rate or creating a fine finish on the work piece

Heavy Turning

Dealing with heavy turning requirements usually means having to deliver a deeper cutting impact at varying levels on larger components with uneven surfaces. The combination of dry conditions, longer cutting periods and the resulting high temperatures mean that you’ll need turning tools which offer stability and durability no matter what’s thrown at them.

If you’re looking for precision turning tools that can deliver quick results over a long working life then look no further than Castle Carbide. Speak to a member of our team and they’ll analyse your machine process from top to bottom before working with you to choose the turning tool solutions guaranteed to deliver increased capacity and productivity.